Our School Council

Every class from Year 1 to Year 6 elects two Class Representatives to voice their views and interests. Regular school council meetings are held with Mrs Botley.

Each classroom has a suggestion box which children throughout the school may place a comment in, for the School Council to debate and decide action on in the meetings. Any outcomes are communicated back to the class by the representatives.

Also, each term our School Council are given a special project. Click here to see an update of the projects they have done so far:

For 2017-2018, the following Councillors were chosen:

Class                                             Class Representatives

Class Year Name
Otters 1 Matthew He & Evie Ovenell
Badgers 1 Albert Lapper & Lucy Fisher Goodwin
Seals 2 Ted Littlefield & Isla Doran
Dolphins 2 Jack Boreham & Izzy Bruni
Whales 2 Samuel Jackman & Alessia Scala
Violets 3 Lucca Lopez & Eleanor Deane
Lavenders 3 Raif Choudhury & Scarlett Mclean
Lilacs 3 Stefan Clark & Dixie Wright
Ladybirds 4 Ryan Luck & Isabella Cadinha
Butterflies 4 Tom Parker & Lily Ovenell
Bumblebees 4 Carlos Shaw & Clara Cassidy
Wrens 5 Daniel Garcia & Sienna Worrell- Young
Swallows 5 Jack Lindsey & Sophia Leal-Bryzak
Robins 5 Jack Grayston & Deanne Forbes
Daffodils 6 Kleon Kaja & Charlotte Musk
Tulips 6 Josh Adlam & Gracie Kelly

Meeting Minutes 27 Sept 17                     School council 04.05.18

Meeting minutes11.10.17

KS1 School Council Meeting 20.10.17

KS2 School council meeting Minutes 01.11.17

KS1 School Council Meeting 10.11.17

KS1 School Council Meeting 24 11 17

KS1 School Council Meeting 08 12 17

KS1 School Council Meeting 05 01 18

KS2 School  council 6 12 17

KS1 School Council Meeting 09.03.18

KS2 School council 9.03.18

KS2 School council 04.05.18