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Arts Provision

Driven by a determination to create welcoming schools for the local community, where every person thrives, makes excellent progress and succeeds.

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Arts Provision

At Scotts Park we believe that learning is about not only what is on the page but attitudes, emotions, skills and beliefs.  Learning new skills not only helps the children develop confidence and social skills from a young age, but also helps their brain development.  Learning art, music and other enrichment skills helps children excel in so many ways.


Art and Design 

As well as developing a range of skills in using different mediums, we also aim to nurture children’s creativity, critical and analytical thinking skills and encourage an understanding of the historical, political, economic and cultural context of different artist’s work.

 We recently challenged the children to think about form, composition and colour by using unconventional resources to recreate a famous piece of art which they created at home. The results were incredible!


Children learn through creating their own music along with listening to a variety of different music genres.  Special visits from music experts provide an insight into the composition and tone of music and the children enjoy our music and singing assemblies where they learn a range of songs.  Our choir have enjoyed performing in many different areas and have attended the Young Voices event at the O2 arena - participating in "The Worlds Biggest Choir".



Children learn through the curriculum and link their performances to their learning.  Class assemblies allow the children to show what they are learning about through different performances.  Younger children participate in our nativity and Year 6 perform in an end of year production.  We know how important it is for parents and carers to be able to see these performances and have filmed remote assemblies when it has not been possible to have the audience physically there!