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Driven by a determination to create welcoming schools for the local community, where every person thrives, makes excellent progress and succeeds.

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The Local Advisory Body 


The Local Advisory Body (LAB) is part of E21C Trust’s overall governance arrangements, with specific focus at a local school level. The Local Advisory Body

works as a team and is at the heart of how the school operates.

It is responsible for monitoring that the school provides a good quality education and is continually raising educational standards. The Local Advisory Body also encourages and supports effective ways of teaching and learning when reviewing the school aims and policies. This is done together with the Headteacher, who is responsible for the day-to-day management of the school.

In addition to the Local Advisory Body’s main role of helping raise pupils’ standards of achievement, we also:

· support the school in its strategic direction

· are accountable for monitoring the performance of the school to parents and the wider community

· monitor that a balanced and broad curriculum is taught

· review how the school can encourage pupils’ spiritual, moral, and cultural development

· monitor that the school is inclusive and provides for all pupils including those with special needs

· oversee the implementation of policies on a wide range of school issues and monitor their effectiveness

· support and constructively challenging senior management by gathering views, asking questions, looking at comparable data and discussing what’s best for the school


The current Local Advisory Body is made up as follows:


Name  Position/ Type of Governor Term of office start date Term of office end date
David Bussey Chair of LAB  Chair of LAB Co-opted 07/11/22 06/11/25
Sam Norris Executive Head Teacher Ex-0fficio
Ben Isaacs Co-opted Governor 28/10/19  27/10/23
Nick Jackman Co-opted Governor 28/10/19 27/10/23
Beryl Ward Co-opted Governor 23/11/21 22/11/24

Laurence Parish

Co-opted Governor 20/09/21 19/09/25
Vacancy Co-opted Governor
Vacancy Co-opted Governor
Joe Robjohns  Parent Governor 30/01/20 29/01/24



Parent Governor 20/09/21 19/09/24


Staff Governor



Staff Governor 11/07/21 10/07/24


At Scotts Park School, the Local Advisory Body fulfils these roles through four meetings per year, covering:

· Safeguarding

· Quality of Education

· School Improvement

· Behaviour and Culture

· Curriculum

· Stakeholder engagement

· Staffing

· Building & Sites

The Local Advisory Body also holds two additional meetings with specific focus on teaching and learning, culture, and ethos. The Local Advisory Body reviews the school’s priorities and strategies for the year ahead and reviews the previous year to monitor the school’s overall performance.

There are also numerous ad-hoc meetings of other groups, working parties as required and specific panels for various procedural reasons.


Please click the link below for the scheme of delegation which sets out the Trust’s overall governance arrangements:

· Scheme of Delegation 2022 /docs/Scheme_of_Delegation_2021-2022.pdf

· Articles of Association 


Please click the link below for the Local Advisory Body meeting attendance:

· The Scotts Park School – Meeting Attendance 2021-22 [hyper link to the document]


Please click the link below for the Local Advisory Body School Register of Business Interests:

· Register of Business Interest Forms 2021-22 [hyper link to the document]



If you are interested in becoming a member of the Local Advisory Body or wish to contact the Chair, please email: snicol@e21c.co.uk

Our Governors

Who We Are

Our Local Governing Body is as follows:

Mr David Bussey Chair of Governors (davidbussey@e21c.co.uk)
Mrs Sam Norris Head of School
Mrs Sue Beard Vice Chair
Mrs Clowance Campbell Staff Governor
Mrs Jasmine Choudhury Staff Governor
Mr Nick Jackman Co-opted
Mr Ben Isaacs Co-opted
Mr Eliot Martine Co-opted
Mr Joe Robjohns Co-opted
Mrs Charmaine Strelitz Clerk to the Governors

Please see our Governors’ Skills Audit

If you need to contact the Chair of Governors,  please email DavidBussey@e21c.co.uk.The postal address is Scotts Park Primary School, Orchard Road, Bromley, BR1 2PR.

Please read the Scheme of delegation

scheme of delegation 2021 2022.pdf


Register of Business Interests

Meeting Attendance 2018-19

Please click here to view our Members 

Please click here to view our Board of Trustees: 

Governor Profiles

David Bussey – Chair of Governors

I joined the Local Governing Body because I am passionate about education and wanted to positively influence and support the learning experience delivered within Scotts Park. My daughter is currently a pupil at the school and I hope that my twin sons will be pupils in the coming years. As a father of 3, I believe that every child deserves a good start in life and is provided with the means and opportunities to reach their full potential and become happy and well-rounded individuals.

My career spans a number of sectors; with managerial and leadership roles held in insurance, financial services, property and I am currently working in Economic Regeneration for Peabody.

As a Local Governing Body we are a strong and cohesive team; supporting the Head of School, senior leadership team and teachers to ensure the school is run as effectively as possible and that the children are provided with an excellent education. I look forward to meeting and working with staff, pupils, parents and the local community.

Sue Beard – Vice Chair of Governors

I am passionate about education and have always been involved in the teaching, learning and support of young people. I was a teacher in the inner city for 38 years; a career I enjoyed with its challenges, achievements and rewards. It was always a privilege to work with teachers, parents /carers to motivate and encourage pupils to develop their talents and skills to achieve their potential.

I am an active, lively, positive person. I enjoy the outdoors, walking, performing arts, reading and almost all sporting activities. I have two grandchildren currently attending Scotts Park.

I am proud to be part of a dedicated team of governors and am aware of the significance of their role to support the overall effectiveness of the school and the achievements and enrichment of all of its pupils. I look forward to meeting and working with staff, pupils and parents.

Mrs C Campbell – Governor (Staff)

I have been a staff member at Scotts Park Primary School for seven years, working initially as a learning assistant before completing my teacher training. I have been on the school’s governing board for a couple of years now and have really enjoyed supporting and contributing to the wider ethos of the school, outside of my classroom responsibilities.

Jasmine Choudhury – Governor (Staff)

I am both a member of staff and a parent at Scotts Park Primary school. As a cover supervisor I have an excellent opportunity to work and cover teach in classes across Key Stages 1 and 2. Allowing me to work closely with most pupils and staff within the school.

My background includes teaching in Higher Education and being a manager for a private childcare provider. I have qualifications in teaching and leadership. I have been a pastoral course tutor and a mentor for trainee teachers.

As well as the importance of maintaining high educational standards, the stresses and strains of today’s world impacts on both adults and children. Ensuring the health and welfare of both children and staff is extremely important. I welcome the opportunity to contribute and support all our members.

Nick Jackman – Governor (Co-opted)

I am a Scotts Park parent with a boy and a girl, Sam and Eloise, attending. I’ve enjoyed watching the school develop over recent years and am excited to be a part of that trajectory, supporting the leadership team to achieve more for young people starting their educational journey. I have a background as an arts fundraiser. I am particularly passionate about the extended opportunities that the arts can offer within education and to helping the school to maintain a broad and exciting creative offer.

Ben Isaacs – Governor (Co-opted)

Ever since my daughter started at Scotts Park in 2015 I have wanted to help ensure every pupil has the opportunity to reach their potential and that the staff have the support they need to make this happen.

In 2016 I took a job on The Week Junior, a current affairs magazine for children aged 7-12. This further increased my desire to foster a lifelong love of learning among the children of Scotts Park. I have had fantastic experiences helping the pupils create their own magazines on Community Day and I have also volunteered on the curriculum working party.

Eliot Martine – Governor (Co-opted)

Eliot is a father of five. He has enjoyed watching his eldest boys successfully navigate the modern state school system through to university. Eliot has over 20 years’ experience implementing complex change within Financial Services. Areas of expertise include procurement, managing stakeholders and running large budgets. He has a collaborative attitude and is very effective at facilitating consensus. Eliot is graduate of the University of Nottingham where he studied International Relations.


Joe Robjohns - Governor (Co-opted)

I am a parent to a daughter at Scotts Park but have also seen my nieces and nephew go through the school. Having been a youth leader before being a parent, I have been keen to contribute and support the school however I can. 


My career has been in Economics, previously for HM Treasury and more recently in Banking. I have an analytical background but I love walking, running, photography and football (watching!), so I am keen that our young people have a holistic education and have diverse experiences and opportunities.