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Our Staff

Driven by a determination to create welcoming schools for the local community, where every person thrives, makes excellent progress and succeeds.

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Our Staff

Our Staff 2021-2022

Our Senior Leadership Team

Head Teacher                                                                   Mrs S. Norris 
Deputy Headteacher                                                      Ms L. Gidei 
Assistant Headteacher                                               Mr M. Linzey 


SENDCo                                                                          Miss S. Anderson

Family Liaison Officer

Family Liaison                                                            Miss M. Bowden

Our Safeguarding Team

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. In addition, we have a dedicated safeguarding team:

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)  Mrs S. Norris 
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL)  Ms. L. Gidei

Our Teaching Staff


Year and Class Name  Teacher  Teaching Assistant 
Reception, Butterflies 

Miss L. Gale

 Ms. R. Gayle/ Ms. M Marston 


Reception, Honeybees  Miss M. Bowden & Miss A. Oikonomidou                       

Mrs N. Leeves/ Miss L. Firmin                           


Year 1, Poppies  Mrs E. Garcia               

Mrs K.Taylor/Mrs Robjohn                      

Year 1, Daisies

Mrs E. Mullen            


 Mrs K. Taylor                           


Year 2, Hazel 

Miss K. Whelton


 Mrs J. Larkin

Year 2, Cedar

Mrs A. Joseph                                       

 Mrs V. Robjohns / Ms. A Mahoney


Year 3, Dolphins 

Ms S. Helm        


Ms J. Marston


Year 3, Seals 

Mr M. Linzey       


 Mrs J.Pugh & Miss L.Jarman


Year 4, Woodpeckers

Ms. H. Winch




Ms L. Gillies





Year 4, Nightingales Mr J. Polidoro                       
Year 5, Squirrels 

Mrs A. Long


 Ms. L. Gutteridge 

Year 5, Hedgehogs

Mr D. Doyle

Ms F. Lello & Miss S.Judge


Year 6, Sharks

Mrs C. Campbell

Ms. A, Maguolo

Year 6, Turtles

Miss. V. Collman-Simmonds

Mrs K. Hancke

Year 6, Rays

Mrs B. Doran

Ms. C. Fung

Cover Supervisors

Mrs J. Choudhury                                                                               Cover Supervisor 
Mr K. Kamil  Cover Supervisor 
Mrs S. Wynn                                                                                        Cover Supervisor 

Our Midday Supervisors

Mrs J. Wiseman – Head Midday Supervisor
Ms L. Firmin
Ms R Lloyd-Roberts

Our Office Staff

Mrs J. Walford – Office Manager  
Mrs M. Brown                                     
Mrs S. Cummings                              

Our Premises Staff

Our Kitchen Staff

Ms C Holmes – Head of Primary Kitchens
Ms K. Ballard
Ms K Torsu
Ms N Lewis