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Driven by a determination to create welcoming schools for the local community, where every person thrives, makes excellent progress and succeeds.

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We have worked hard to create a supportive environment for children and staff alike, building supportive and respectful relationships between students, teachers and parents. 

We encourage wellbeing in many ways around the school including:

Wellbeing Assemblies

This is a chance for leaders to discuss and show whole school practice and ensure everyone understands the importance of wellbeing and to empower students with knowledge about mental health.


Safe Spaces within School

We understand that students are coming to school with difficult experiences that they haven’t been able to process. Dedicated time is given once a week during form or tutor groups for “circle time”, which creates a safe space for students to share what they’re going through.  We also have a "Listening Ear" , where children can go and talk to trained members of staff about their thoughts and feelings.


Wellbeing Lessons and Resources

We build an awareness of wellbeing into lessons across the curriculum wherever possible, especially in Drama, English or Art. These subjects in particular can be useful to process emotions and experiences through creating personal projects or pieces of work or through creating an understanding of feelings and coping strategies for themselves or others.

Another great way to spread awareness of wellbeing and mental health around school is through physical or virtual noticeboards, where students can share posters with their wellbeing tips. 


 We everyone needs help, below are some useful websites.



Anna Freud National Centre for Parents and Families