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Education for the 21st Century: “To be the best you can be


The Education for the 21st Century Trust was established in 2011 as a Multi-Academy Trust. All the Directors have clear and long lasting commitment to the education of young people and they are skilled in operating effectively to the benefit of the Trust’s schools, their students, their staff, their parents and the wider local education community within South East London.

At the heart of the Trust’s philosophy is the importance of the ‘whole child’ rather than just their academic achievement: results are very important but the Trust also focuses on the soft skills which will help each student set up for their life beyond school.

We also believe that collaboration, partnership, professional growth through professional collaboration are best served when the participants are geographically close and taken from a wide variety of situations. For this reason, our aim is to work within the Borough of Bromley at both Primary and Secondary level not only to maintain Bromley’s reputation but to enhance the area even further.

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E21C Vision, Mission and Shared Values



Management Report for the Year Ended 31 August 2018


DoV_Funding agreement 2017

Scheme of Delegation June 2019

Resolution and Articles Feb 2017

Final Full Scheme of Delegation for Governors Approved July 2019 290819

The E21C Trust address and telephone number are as follows: Hayes Lane, Bromley. Kent, BR2 9EH; 0208 290 8505.