Our Curriculum

Scotts Park Curriculum Statement

Our curriculum is our passion here at Scotts Park Primary School. It has grown over a number of years and our staff have been a part of its on-going development. We aim for a highly motivating and stimulating curriculum which encourages children to ask questions, be independent learners, collaborate and be aspirational. The curriculum is a way in which we make the learning meaningful for the children. It links topics from a variety of subjects to fit in with an overall topic or theme that children will learn about for a half term. It allows for problem-solving across all subjects and real-world application to the learning process, making it a more comprehensive way of educating and of learning.

The curriculum is in the process of being reviewed in order to provide a varied, broad and rich experience for our children at Scotts Park. Our aim is to ensure that it represents the world we live in and provides our children with the experiences, skills and knowledge they need to function as young people and adults in the 21st Century.

This year, we have begun to move away from using the IPC and instead are teaching the curriculum using the structure of the National Curriculum as a basis for teachers to plan a broad and balanced curriculum meeting the needs of our children whilst at the same time offering clear progression of learning and specific learning goals for every subject. Teachers use a range of planning and teaching resources to support this. Our curriculum is carefully linked to progressive skills and knowledge ensuring that every pupil is taught in line with end of year expectations through a topic-based and thematic approach.

There are also aspects of our provision which we feel enhance learning for our pupils and make for a unique ‘Scotts Park’ experience; these include our provision for:

  • Forest School
  • Outdoor and residential learning
  • Physical Education
  • Core Values

Curriculum maps linked to progressive skills are available on the school website. Other discrete areas are also taught e.g. Black and Minority Ethnic Month (BAME), Science and Art weeks at termly intervals.

Our school follows the ‘Letters and Sounds’ Framework for phonics supplemented by the ‘Jolly Phonics’ scheme. We give all children access to a wide range of high quality texts and use The Power of Reading in addition to these.

At Scotts Park we use a mastery approach to teaching maths. We do this through Inspire Maths. It is a whole-school primary maths programme that provides everything needed to support a mastery approach to teaching and learning mathematics, and meet the higher expectation of the 2014 National Curriculum. Inspire Maths Inspire maths is based on the leading Singapore Maths series My Pals are Here, used in 100% of Singapore’s state primary schools. It works by using accessible pupil textbooks to introduce concepts in a highly scaffolded way, enabling all children to develop critical thinking skills, make mathematical connections and become confident mathematicians.

We want our children to receive a high-quality mathematics education that ensures that ALL pupils are fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, have the ability to reason mathematically and can apply their knowledge and understanding to solve problems. We also want them to have an appreciation of the power of mathematics and a sense of fun and curiosity about the subject.

PLEASE NOTE: the curriculum information on our website may change as the year progresses; this is a live document which is reviewed regularly and tailored to class interests/needs.